Halo Smart Labs was born out of tragedy and developed out of necessity. The father of Ben Stagg, one of our Co-founders and CEO, had a close call when a tornado in Joplin, MO, took the lives of 160 people back in 2011. As a result, Ben began to question the usefulness of current tornado warning systems. Together with his co-founder, Chad White, they set out to create a safer way to protect families from tornadoes and other natural disasters by leveraging technology to help make people safer.  


They quickly focused in on a number of concepts that could significantly improve safety in and around the home.  Their “aha moment” came when they realized they could use the humble smoke alarm as a device to communicate severe weather alerts. Since smoke alarms already provide critical warnings they knew it would it would make a natural fit, and ensure everyone in the US had the opportunity to install a device in their home capable of receiving and communicating such vital warnings.

Our Team

Get to know the faces behind the product.
Ben Stagg
Founder / CEO
Chad White
Founder / CSO
Fred Jones
Chief Financial Officer
Don Clarke
Radiation Safety Officer
Joshua Cox
Lead Engineer
Sara Melo
Peter O'Connor
Embedded Systems Engineer
Stephen Sheppard
Hardware Engineer