On TechNewsWorld: Oculus Rift & Virtual Reality

Oculus Rift reviews began surfacing this spring and, while it's an amazing jump in virtual reality technology, some reviewers brought up several obvious concerns: At $600 a headset, Oculus Rift is currently a little pricey for the average consumer. It also requires a powerful gaming system to operate. Oculus Rift offers virtual reality, but with bulky hardware. "When you first put on a Rift, you are all too aware of the headset. It's somewhat comfortable, but the way it envelopes your head can make it feel like a helmet," said Gamespot's Peter Brown. Another common complaint is that the current Oculus system is tethered to the computer, limiting the virtual reality experience. However, once Oculus is connected to 2D treadmills and the gaming system designed for it, all of that will change. Currently, Oculus ships with its immersive reality headset and an Xbox controller, but a motion-supported controller is in the works. Oculus is a young system. Because it's still in its early stages, developers lack data on what users will do and how best to use it. It's a cutting edge piece of tech, perfect for users who are willing to do a little experimentation and troubleshooting. Regardless, Oculus Rift enables more immersive and personal gaming experience than ever before. For more on Oculus Rift and the rise of virtual reality, check out this article by TechNewsWorld.