On TechCrunch: Your Smartphone is Computing's Future

"The smartphone is not one device; it’s a chameleon." Tech creators are always searching for the next big thing. TechCrunch writer Natasha Lomas has a proposition: the future of computing isn't out in the ether; it's in your pocket. Smartphones improved exponentially in their first few years, but advancement has slowed. Sure, each next generation of iPhone or Android has slightly improved processing power, a better camera, a sleeker look, but the core of what the smartphone offers users has stayed the same. A smartphone is small, portable, with a connected screen and the ability to expands, meeting the endless possibilities of each individual user's needs: you can add nearly any additional software you desire in the form of apps, as well as hardware extras like drones or smart jewelry. Smartphones are totally customizable (have you seen Google's plans for a fully modular device?), better integrated into our lives than wearables, and they offer the ability to control your other smart devices from any location. It's not really about the technology, anyway - it's about what the tech offers. We look for simplicity, efficiency, and improvement to our lives. Smartphones do all of this largely by improving the ways in which we communicate, not only with the rest of our tech, but also with those around us. And that, as it turns out, is as compelling a reason to keep them central within the tech of our daily lives. For the full article, click here.