On Popular Mechanics: Quantum Phone Security

As more and more of our personal information is stored in our smart phones, consumers are understandably concerned about how safe their phone security really is. Recently, researchers have developed a "quantum entropy source" for random number generation that's capable of fitting into a phone. This could offer new levels of safety and encryption for mobile transactions. A quantum entropy source helps complicate random number generation because, every 'random' number starts with a 'seed' number chosen by the computer, and then the computer does additional math to complicate it. This means that these fandom number generators  If hackers can discover the reasoning behind the seed number, or the math done to shake things up, then they're halfway towards getting to your data. However, that's where quantum mechanics can come in. Quantum processes (the behaviors of energy on the atomic scale) are truly random, and because of that can generate a truly random number better than any previous random number generator. Previously, these quantum number generators haven't been particularly fast or small, but the latest devices developed run quickly enough to encrypt GBs of data every second, fast enough to encrypt voice calls, video, and financial data in real time. They're also small enough that two of these generators put together are only 6 by 2 millimeters, small enough to include in a phone without bulking its size. Check out this Popular Mechanics article for the full details.