Apple Conference Highlights

Last month, Apple unveiled several big announcements at their annual conference. These announcements include a new phone, improved software updates, and updates on the company’s environmental renewal efforts. Here are just some of the Apple conference highlights: 1. The new iPhone SE This 4-inch new phone may be small, but it boasts an A9 processor and the improved rear camera from last year’s 6S. After increasing the size of the iPhone 6 and 6S, the company realized that larger phones aren’t for everyone, and the newest 4-inch phone model aims to fill that gap. 2. iOS 9.3 The tech giant addressed its latest major OS update, which includes Night Shift—an adjusted lighting setting that dims blue tones for better sleep—and at least one critical security fix. 3. The shrinking iPad Pro At 12.9 inches, the old iPad Pro is still fairly large, but the company is introducing a smaller, 9.7-inch version to the market, which weighs less than one pound and comes in silver, gold, space grey, or rose gold. 4. Decreasing Apple Watch prices There’s no new Apple watch, but the old one is cheaper—now starting at $299 instead of $349. Apple also debuted a spring lineup of bands which includes new colors for current band meterials, and a new band model made of four-layer, woven nylon. 5. Siri Search The latest version of Apple’s tv software adds dictation to the Apple TV repertoire. Now, choosing a movie or show is as easy as asking Siri to find it for you—a major improvement over the hunt-and-click of the Apple TV remote. 6. Renewable Energy Apple’s been aiming to run all its facilities using 100% renewable energy, and they announcing that they’re currently at 93% of that goal. Additionally, Apple’s paper packaging uses 99% recycled or “sustainably managed forest” materials.