Summer Storms

Summer Storms

What does El Niño have to do with summer storms across the country?

While the most recent El Niño has been the strongest on record, the storm has been weakening since its peak in 2015. Last year's strong El Niño likely played a part in the below-average hurricane season as well; 2015 saw only 11 named storms during the Atlantic season.

Because of El Niño's affect on oceanic weather, El Niño years see significantly less hurricane landfalls in the US, as opposed to La Niña or neutral years.

However, because El Niño is now in decline, and because the last two years marked the first time in 21 years the US saw two consecutive below-average named storm seasons, some meteorologists believe we're now long overdue.

Regardless, it's important to prepare for summer storms in any hurricane season, regardless of El Niño.