Fall Weather Safety 2016

Fall Weather Safety 2016

As summer ends and the weather cools, we're bringing you fall weather safety tips to help you make the most of the season and stay safe!

Get ready for fall weather with these safety tips:

Know Your Weather Forecast—Start your day by checking the weather forecast in your area. Rain, sleet, wind, or shine, looking up the forecast before you leave the house will let you know what to expect and, in the case of more severe weather, how to prepare.

Prepare for Hazards—Check out your emergency supply kit and add or update any necessary items. This is also a good time to go over your family communication plan. In some areas, fall means preparing for tropical storms and/or hurricanes; in others, it means bunking down for the first of many months of snowfall. Make sure your emergency supplies are prepped for the weather patterns common in your area, and that your family is prepared for the event of a disaster.

Share Your Weather Prep—Snap a photo of your emergency kit and share it...on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Talk to your neighbors about what to do if a fall storm strikes.  

For more fall weather safety, check out NOAA's safety pages.