One Small Step for Halo

One Small Step for Halo

This recent video blog post from last week's African Slum Journal served as a timely reminder of the importance of efforts like the one we’re currently undertaking with the Red Cross in Kenya.

The video shows a recent fire in Mukuru, the informal settlement outside Nairobi where we are going to be installing over 1000 Halo smoke alarms.

People in settlements like Mukuru often tap the power lines of nearby factories in order to obtain electricity, but these illegal connections often result in sparks that grow into quickly-spreading fires.

By working with the Red Cross to bring Halo One units to these informal settlements, we will help alert residents to fires like this faster than ever before and ensure local authorities are quickly informed so they can improve their response times and minimize fire damage.

Our Halo One units will also enable the Red Cross to continuously monitor fires, allowing them to analyze and use the data collected in order to affect lasting change in these settlements, so the people who live in them are protected now and in the future.

When we launched Halo Smart Labs, we committed to trying to reduce the number of global deaths through fire in the home by 50% in 5 years, and we're grateful that by working with the Red Cross in Kenya, we will take a small, but important step towards realizing that goal.