Halo & Halo+ Gets a New Sensor

Halo & Halo+ Gets a New Sensor

When we set out to build Halo, we had one overriding goal: we wanted to save lives. To do this, we knew we had to build the safest, smartest smoke alarm in the world. With the many innovations packed into both Halo and Halo+, we’re confident we can defend that statement against all comers.

Safest and smartest is both a claim and a promise that our device will continue to be the best. So when we were given the opportunity to add a barometric pressure sensor to both Halo and Halo+ to make both devices even safer, we knew we had to make it work.

The barometric pressure sensor will alert Halo owners to sudden drops in barometric pressure steep enough to require anyone in the affected area to seek shelter immediately. This brings a weather alert to Halo and adds an extra safety feature to Halo+. The additional protection it offers made it an essential component of our go-to-market product.

While the addition of this new feature means we will have to extend the time required for UL testing and push our launch until June, we believe we need to honor our promise to deliver you the safest and smartest product we can. This new safety feature has impacted the development of our battery-powered product the most; because of that, as we’ve done in the past, we are offering a refund for anyone who needs to replace their devices any time within the next several months.

While this new feature adds real value to both Halo and Halo+, we want you to know we did not make this decision lightly, or without much thought. We knew this would impact the people who have supported us from the beginning, and that was a tough decision to make, so please accept our sincere apologies for the continued delay. We can only hope you take this is a sign of our complete commitment to providing you with the safest, smartest smoke alarm we can.

If you require a refund, please send us the email address associated with the Paypal account you used to originally sign up, and we will fulfill that immediately. Regardless of your decision, we are hugely grateful for your support of, and interest in, Halo Smart Labs.

Ben Stagg CEO