The IoT Trends that Revolutionize Our Lives

It's no secret that the Internet of Things is transforming life at home and at work. The IoT connects our things, but it also better connects us to how we want to live our lives. With their increased efficiency, smart things can do the boring-but-necessary work of keeping our homes safe, clean, and fully stocked, while we have time to focus on the more meaningful aspects of our lives. The IoT is booming and will only continue to grow as 2016 continues, but these IoT trends are already available and ready to revolutionize your life:
  • DIY and open-source solutions are on the rise. The IoT is growing exponentially; DIY and open-source solutions allow interested consumers to help shape the functionality of the smart products they use.
  • Smart hubs are becoming mainstream. With giants like Amazon and Lowes creating hubs, the idea of a smart phone, and a hub to control it, are coming to the forefront of consumer lexicons. In addition to some of the bigger names, smaller tech companies like SmartThings are also creating top-notch products and giving consumers a wide variety of options.
  • Connected television is changing how we watch shows. Apple TV, Roku, and the rise of a variety of streaming services are changing the traditional cable model. Smart TV offers more flexibility than traditional cable, often at lower prices, and last year over half of U.S. consumers owned a connected TV device.
  • Smart home security and safety systems are on the rise, offering families greater safety, security, and peace of mind. Whether it's companies offering smart home security products Piper and Canary, which offer intelligent alerts and video updates sent right to your phone, or safety products like Halo and Halo+, consumers want smart tech that helps keep their homes and families safe.
  What IoT trends have changed your life? Tell us in the comments!