On Wired: Smart Homes of the Future

“The rise of smart homes comes in integrating wearable devices like Glass and the ability to chain multiple verbal or touch-based commands together and having devices communicate with beacon-based technologies that use occupancy rather than motion.”

Tech of the future will be here sooner than we think! We're not far away from homes that use wearable technologies to distinguish between family members and guests. Wearables can allow smart homes to adapt to individual preferences, based on biometrics like body temperature, fingerprints, and heartbeats.

One of the benefits of using wearables within the smart home is their ability to unify the smart home experience. Wearable tech can eliminate the distraction of traditional devices. Based on pre-configured profiles and data wearables collect, smart homes could adjust lighting, climate control, customize music playing options, and act as a centralized access point to digital content.

Do you already use wearable tech? If so, what?