On PC Mag: Smart Home, Smart Security

On PC Mag: Smart Home, Smart Security

In the home automation industry, smart security comes with a special set of considerations. We all like the idea of being able to check in on our home security remotely, right? However, many people are often worried about whether smart security options are truly secure, or if utilizing smart home security systems just opens them up to a different type of home invasion.

There are a variety of smart camera options out there for your home security needs, and services vary by device. Some have alarms and options to send you remote notifications when they detect activity. Some offer two-way audio, allowing you to communicate with family or pets inside your home remotely.

And of course the big question with smart security cameras is how they store the data they collect. Many keep video on secured cloud servers, but others have microSD card slots, which allow you to physically pull video footage. In order to offer the highest levels of security, cloud storage service is often a paid monthly or yearly subscription, in addition to the initial cost of the device.

Most of the top smart security cameras are in the $200 range, with additional costs for cloud storage, but they also come with a host of different features, and many are in sleek, unobtrusive designs that discreetly blends in. Most use Wi-Fi, but there are also options that operate using Bluetooth, Z-Wave, and Zigbee.

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