On Digital Trends: Zoe, the Privacy-Oriented Smart Home Hub

A Smart home hub is the next big thing in the home automation industry, but no clear industry leader has come to the forefront yet. Smart home hubs have lots of benefits, including the ability to control and manage many of your smart devices. However, there are some privacy concerns with smart home hubs, as most of them transmit your personal data to and from the cloud.

Enter Zoe, from a company called Protonet. Zoe is a smart home hub that aims to work with any smart device you might want or need. Currently, it supports Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, Bluetooth, and smart devices that connect through the cloud. Zoe is purely voice-controlled and responds to over 1,500 different voice commands. Zoe's creators also offer "Voice Drops," small microphones that can be placed around your home and connected to the main hub, but can also be turned off manually if you're having a particularly private conversation.

Best of all, Zoe's security-oriented. This is a smart hub that values your privacy - none of your voice data gets sent to the cloud, but is stored instead on the device's 2GB encrypted local memory. You can snag your on Zoe and Voice Drops on the company's Indiegogo campaign.

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