On CNET: Will Future Smart Homes Feature Rosie or Jarvis?

The tech industry is in debate: will future smart homes have a Jarvis, like Tony Stark's centralized, intelligent system, or a Rosie, an all-in-one robot like the one in the cartoon Jetsons' family home?

This divergence is obvious at giant tech conference CES, where products like ours, which connect to the IoT and perform tasks in sync with other smart tech, stand beside tech like the automated, self-vacuuming Roomba.

Part of the reason for this disconnect is that tech manufacturers aren't sure which system their customers will prefer. Consumers aren't clearly sold on either idea yet, so companies are creating tech that works both in Rosie and Jarvis models. However, as tech evolves and prices drop, consumers will be able to better weigh the options each interface has to offer.

For more on whether Rosie or Jarvis will rule future smart homes, take a look at CNET's full article. Would you want Rosie or Jarvis in your smart home?