Keeping Your Digital Identity Safe While Traveling

The holiday season is almost here! It’s the time of year for food and decorations and gatherings with loved ones. With the holidays comes traveling which—depending on how you look at it—can be enjoyable or merely a necessary evil. Regardless of how you feel about traveling, being on-the-go can sometimes allow thieves access to your digital identity and, with that, privileged financial information.

As you go your merry way this holiday season, these tips can help keep your data and online identity safe:

Use Secure Passwords

We can’t emphasis this enough! Too many people use simple passwords like “password” or “123456,” their birthday, or even choose the same password for all their accounts. Secure password managers like Last Pass can help you keep up with passwords for all your accounts, safely storing and remembering them so you don’t have to! Remember: if a password can be easily remembered, it can probably be easily cracked.

Secure Your Social

We give our social media accounts a ton of potentially damaging info without thinking about it. If possible, try not to list essential date like your phone number and family connections, and stay selective about how frequently you post location updates. Limit how much information strangers have access to by making sure your privacy settings are set to “Friends Only,” any be wary of third-party apps requesting access to your information when they authenticate through social media.

Add Remote Security

Set up software on your devices so that, if stolen, you can remotely find, lock, and/or wipe them. Most major tech providers (Apple, Google, and Windows) offer a remote security option. Enabling this prevents thieves from accessing your private data, minimalizing the damages of the theft.

Use a VPN

A VPN (virtual private network) creates a secure connection over a public Wi-Fi network, which adds a layer of security. Particularly when traveling via plane, bus, or train, establishing a VPN can give you an additional measure of privacy and security, preventing others from monitoring your movement online or using your information.

Practice Safe Buying

More and more of us are shopping online, and the holidays are no exception. It’s important to monitor your bank account, cross-checking your receipts and payment history, so that you can alert your bank in the event of any fraudulent charges. Always completely online purchases using a protected (https://) connection, and try to limit your online payments to systems like PayPal or virtual credit cards, which add an additional layer of separation between hackers and your accounts.

What are tips and tricks do you use to make traveling easier? Safe journeys & happy holidays!