5 Ways Smart Homes Improve Your Life

One of the biggest draws of smartphones was how they combined our on-the-go needs—communication, access to email, GPS, news, weather, even games for the long commute! In linking our access to all these things, smartphones revolutionized telecommunication. You probably can’t imagine a world without your iPhone or Android! Smart home tech can do the same kinds of things, but on a much larger scale. With the right sensors and set-up, your smart home can modify your A/C or heat to keep you comfortable and save money, allow you to control and check on your home security from anywhere, and even let you know when your family comes home.

Here are just a few of the ways setting up your smart home can improve your life:

  1. Remote In-and-Out Access Your door can recognize your approach, locking behind you when you leave and unlocking when you come home. If someone you know comes over while you aren’t home, like neighbors or out-of-town guests, you can even “give out” temporary keys via smartphone access, or let them in when they arrive using your own remote access.
  2. Let Your House Save Money For You Rather than manually changing your A/C or heating whenever you leave, your smart home can be programmed to do that for you! With a smart thermostat or power outlet, you can set your home heating and cooling to adjust to a certain level when you leave, and to readjust to your ideal comfort setting before your return.
  3. Keep Small Leaks From Escalating Water leaks are one of the major causes of home damage, in part because they often happen in areas that are hard to see. Your smart home can use moisture sensors to let you know if there’s excess water where there shouldn’t be, keeping small leaks from turning into potential disasters.
  4. Teach Connected Objects to Work Together You can program each connected object on its own, but allowing your IoT to start working collaboratively can yield some truly valuable and convenient results. Train lights to turn on and off based on your movements, brew coffee before you get out of the shower, even turn on your Crock-Pot for dinner as you enter the driveway
  5. Stay Connected to Kids and Pets With smart tech, you no longer need to call or text your kids to ask if they’ve reached home. Using a smartphone or SmartSense Presence sensor, you can receive notifications when your kids come home from school or when a pet accidentally leaves the house.
Head over to SmartThings to find out how easy it is to set up a smart home that does all this and more!