5 Things You Should Know About Smart Lighting

From smart wall switches and dimmers to smart bulbs, there are multiple ways you can transition to smart lighting within your home. Changing the lights in your home to smart bulbs can be the simplest option for someone making the switch to smart lighting. If that’s you, here are a few things you need to know:

  1. Installation is a breeze. With smart light bulbs, you simply replace your existing bulbs without getting new lighting hardware or rewiring your home. No need to an electrician or lengthy home improvement efforts. Controlling the lightbulbs from an app on your phone or tablet takes care of your new smart lighting!
  2. 2. Gone are the days of the incandescent. LEDs and CFLs (Company fluorescents) are more energy-efficient and longer lasting, and they’re slowly but surely phasing incandescent light bulbs out.
  3. They can amp your ambience. Many smart bulbs use different LED color lights and can create any colored light you want. Some can even be set to create lighting shows or strobe effects. Transform your home into a cozy hideaway or a disco, depending on your mood.
  4. You can control your smart lights remotely. Some smart bulbs can be set to certain daily or weekly patterns, and others can be controlled remotely. You can check whether you left the kitchen light on from work, and remote on/off access can save both energy and money.
  5. Your smart bulbs can team up with alarms, locks, music, and more. Some smart bulbs can interface with music and alarm systems (helping you scare away burglars or have a party), and even more can be configured with web services like IFTTT (If This, Then That), to talk to your other smart products and complete actions based on events.
What would you program your smart lights to do?