2016: Home Automation Trends to Watch

Home automation made great strides last year, and growth in the connected home industry is expected to increase in 2016 as well. Here’s just some of what to expect:  
  1. More Wireless Systems
Wireless systems are popular because they’re simple, easy to install, and streamlined in looks and functionality. The kind of tech offering wireless systems continues to increase, while prices are beginning to drop competitively.  
  1. Improved Bluetooth
The latest iteration of Bluetooth (4.2) offers better smart home integration, and 2016 will likely be the year of Bluetooth connectivity—not only in tech like our laptops, phones, and stereos, but even in unexpected places like Bluetooth enabled furniture.  
  1. Cyber & Real-World Security
There are many up-and-coming options in security tech, including August Smart Lock and Kona. Because safety is such a huge priority for consumers, more and more innovators are finding smarter, better ways to offer families safety and peace of mind.  
  1. Mobile Integration
More gadgets and IoT means a need for smarter, more integrated mobile apps. Tech providers are hard at work developing apps with improved functionality and connectivity to help streamline the user’s experience.