Home Automation Tech: Smart Locks

Connected home technology can do a lot of things, from reminding you to feed your pets to conserving energy and saving money by monitoring your heating/cooling systems, but one of the best aspects of the home automation industry is an improved ability to keep your family and home safe. When you’re considering what smart lock to purchase, it’s important to know your options. The two main types of smart lock are either Bluetooth-only locks, or connect with your home internet connection via Wi-Fi. It’s important to note that locks with Wi-Fi do offer more functions, but are intrinsically less safe due to their constant connection to the web. Because of this, Bluetooth locks are more secure, but often offer less features than their Wi-Fi locking counterparts. With this in mind, once you start looking at smart locks, here are some of the best high-tech locks available: Bluetooth
  • August Smart Lock – CNET calls it the best smart lock available, and August offers clean looks, strong user management, and convenient automated features. It’s one of the more expensive smart locks available, but it also offers an advantage over many other devices: August works with your existing deadbolt and keyset, rather than forcing you to replace all your lock hardware. It’s also compatible with Nest.
  • Kwikset Kevo – Kwikset’s Kevo smart locks don’t look very different than your standard deadbolt—a ring of blue lights is the only substantial aesthetic difference. These smart locks work by touch, and tapping it unlocks your door as long as your smartphone or key fob is nearby. Each Kevo lock comes to you with 2 physical keys, 2 electronic, and free, unlimited 24-hr guest keys. You can also purchase extra eKeys for $1.99 within the Kevo app.
  • (Coming Soon) Lockitron Bolt – The least expensive smart lock on this list, the Lockitron Bolt replaces your existing deadbolt and uses Bluetooth technology to sense your approach and automatically unlock the door when you arrive. Because the physical lock can be matched with any key, it’s ideal for rental properties. Lockitron will also offer the Lockitron Bridge, which offers the addition of Wi-Fi functionality.
  • (Coming Soon) Goji Smart Lock – This device works via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for the best of both worlds. It’s packed with features like a customizable welcome screen and remote control functionality. If you accidentally lock yourself out, Goji offers a customer service call center to handle lockout requests. With Goji, users also receive 2 physical keys and 4 electronic ones. Like Kevo, it offers the ability to send guest keys for specific dates and times, and Goji can also send real-time picture alerts of visitors to your smartphone.
  • Yale Real Living Touchscreen Z-Wave Deadbolt – One of the older smart locks on the market, Yale uses Z-Wave or Zigbee rather than a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. Not only does this smart lock offer a touch screen, but it also talks to you using three different language options. It offers a high level of convenience and works with a number of different connected home systems.
Smart locks are some of the latest technology in home automation and, using Bluetooth or WiFi, these little pieces of technology can do a lot more than just keeping your doors closed!