Halo Goes to Kenya!

If you received our July newsletter, then you already know how excited we are that Halo recently began working with the Red Cross in Kenya. Last month, we signed a deal for the shipment of one thousand Halo One devices to Nairobi, Kenya, which will be placed in informal settlements like the Mukuru neighborhood. In these settlements, a single home fire can spread and destroy a whole neighborhood before people are able to contain it. The Haven Command Center, Halo’s central information hub, will enable local authorities and support organizations like Red Cross Kenya to pinpoint the location of a single home fire and contain it before fire can spread to other homes. During our trip to Nairobi, we'll work with Red Cross volunteers to train them in installing Halo One devices in homes and maintaining the Haven Command Center. Initiatives like this are just one example of how the Red Cross could engage a new global mission to focus on preventative measures against disaster, in addition to their support and relief measures after the fact. Even with a limited deployment, the Halo One devices being sent to Nairobi could potentially save hundreds of lives in just the next few months, and will deliver valuable insight to assist our goal of reducing global fire deaths by 50% during the next 5 years. Haven will be central to this goal, as the hub will allow us to gather data on different types of fires and the frequency in which they occur. At Halo Smart Labs, we’re thrilled about this opportunity to take our mission to protect families from fire to a global scale. We’ll post updates as we finalize the details and journey to Nairobi. In the meantime, stay tuned for the latest Halo updates here, and by signing up for our newsletter!