8/6/15 - Wildfire Spreads in CA

As the drought continues, California has had a rough year for wildfires. The state is already ahead of pace in terms of number of fires and number of acres burned this calendar year and, this week, the Rocky Fire north of San Francisco has continued to spread. At 69000+ acres burned thus far, the Rocky Fire has burned twice as many acres as any other CA fire this year. Fire professionals continue to be concerned about this fire's unheard-of behavior, as the Rocky Fire destroyed 20,000 acres in a five-hour period this weekend. According to Daniel Berlant, chief of public information at Cal Fire, “That type of speed for a wildfire, without a weather condition like Santa Anas, is really unprecedented in recent times, or in even veterans of our department’s recollection.” The wildfire has already destroyed 43 homes, and thousands of Californians have been ordered to evacuate, many staying in shelters as they wait out the blaze.   For more information about the Rocky Fire & wildfire implications, take a look at the links below: Yahoo News Digest Washington Post NY Times